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Majestic Living in Riverdale

The majestic views and the natural beauty of the trees left from Combe’s Tree Farm, have made this community very popular. It may take you a while to find this community but the wait will be worth it. You will discover the grandeur of its spectacular sunsets while sitting at the park bench overlooking the weber river and golf course. A short walking distance away is Romer park where your grandchildren can play.

Enjoy Peace and Quiet

You may take a quiet 3 to 4 mile walk with the sounds of nature attending you. Riverdale city maintains the roads and infrastructure both summer and winter. The homeowners association keeps the front yards beautifully maintained. Be careful when you visit this community in the afternoon on a warm sunny day as you may be tempted to lay on the grass and gaze at the views for just a minute or two. You might be there much longer than anticipated.

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