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We are excited about this community, it is a rehab for us from a previous builder and with some quality changes we required it will be the envy of many. This community will be on the fringe of Syracuse’s 20 acre very popular Jensen park. The park includes waterfalls, meandering streams and a small lake where the children can fish. The asphalt trails through undisturbed landscapes go for long distances with many interesting sights along the way. My mother always said the view of the mountain from the valley is prettier than the view of the valley from the mountain. When I walk along this trail with its unobstructed view, I would have to agree with her. From the quiet beauty of this site to the busy commercial area is only a ten minute drive. The city includes groceries stores, a new stadium seat theater and many other often used amenities. We hope you will visit us here in Syracuse and see why we are so excited about this community.

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